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You’ve Got a Little ROI on Your Pinterest: Best Strategies for Pinterest Ads

by Mary Ivanova

You’ve Got a Little ROI on Your Pinterest: Best Strategies for Pinterest Ads

According to Pinterest, 93% of Pinners use the platform to plan purchases. 1 of 2 people have made a purchase after seeing a promoted pin. The key thing for marketers to know about Pinterest is that this is where you can catch your audience when they are looking for a product.

User looking for a chocolate chip cookie recipe might like your cutlery sets, cozy tablecloths or quirky kitchen decor. Someone looking up fashion trends for spring might want to look through your latest of-the-moment shoe collection. Here’s how to make your campaign on Pinterest that much more effective.

Make a thing of beauty

The share of mobile users on Pinterest is growing. People are browsing through their feeds of pretty pictures longer than they spend reading books. If you want your pin to grab attention, get repinned and attract clicks, make it pretty to look at.

Stick to the ratio

While it’s important to emphasize the verticals in both your promoted and regular pins, the recommended Pinterest ratio will get you the best results. When your pin is too long, the target audience won’t see the whole message and might get confused. Best practice is to use 2:3 ratio and upload an image with dimensions 1,000 by 1,500 pixels (although 600 by 900 will work great as well).

Brand your content

According to Facebook research, users spend an average of 2 seconds on any given piece of content online, so add your company logo onto the pins – otherwise majority of people consuming your content won’t even realize whose pin they just saw and what brand is behind it.

Here’s an example of a branded pin on one of our boards:


Image from Crello Pinterest

Put your service or product front and center

If somebody came across your pin randomly – would they know what service or product is advertised, specifically? Don’t get too carried away with portraying your product in context, focus on making it apparent what the product or service actually is. The less known your brand is, the more branding and product/service you are going to need to emphasize in your marketing content.

Call to action

You are capturing users’ attention with a goal in mind, right? Be upfront about the action you want your target audience to take – include a clear call to action to help direct your potential customers to your product. The advice from our assigned Pinterest rep was to use simple messages like “Try today”, “Sign up now”, “Start designing your eBook”.

Expand your audience size

Another piece of advice our manager gave us is to pay attention to the audience size we pic for our campaigns – small audiences aren’t going to return as much on the costs invested in the campaign due to their limited reach.

pinterest ad audience

pinterest ad audience

pinterest ad audience

pinterest ad audience

Adjust campaign keywords

One way to expand audience size is starting a few ad groups with similar keywords or diversifying the campaign target devices (e.g. not just setting your campaign to be shown on PCs, but to include tablets and phones as well). For example, people search “creating an eBook” 5 million times a month. You can set up one campaign to target exact match for your keywords (like “eBook”) and one for phrase match.

setting up pinterest ad campaign

Perform A/B tests

When you are first setting up your campaign – check on performance daily and adjust your keywords accordingly. You can actually run two similar campaigns and split test keywords and settings to find the best ones for your business.

advertising on pinterest

Learn from success stories

Pinterest has a whole section dedicated to ad campaign success stories on its platform. You can filter campaigns by region, campaign goal, industry, and types of ads used in the campaign.

pinterest ad campaign success stories

Image from Pinterest

In a nutshell

To make your Pinterest campaigns effective, you need to follow this basic advice:

  • make your pins fit the recommended size – so that users can see your whole message,
  • include your logo and feature products and services prominently so that users don’t have to guess what it is that’s advertised here,
  • call the audience to perform your target action,
  • and test, test, test!

Until you test out a number of your marketing hypotheses, you won’t know for sure what works for your audience and what is delivering a subpar performance. If your business is small or niche, chances are, you won’t even have average industry numbers for Pinterest ad performance to compare your results to.

If you follow this advice, let us know how it went in our Crello Users group on Facebook or run a Pinterest ad case study and send us a guest post!

Ready to create for your Pinterest boards? Find our quick design tips developed specifically for the platform here and browse our free collection of templates for Pinterest to help you create stunning graphics without design skills or spending time and resources on image production.

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