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Where to Find Free Fonts Online and How to Use Them in Crello

by Sandra Iakovleva

free fonts online crello guide

Crello gives you the option to upload and use your own fonts, which is great, but where do you find free fonts? How do you upload them? All this and more will be covered in this concise article that will help you easily find free fonts and install them yourself in no time.

If we really get down to business, you just need one good resource to turn to for your free fonts. Then you need a quick tutorial on how to upload them to Crello so you can resume working as usual with your own fonts and that is exactly what we’re going to get into.

Where to find free fonts online

There are a few sources that you can use. We’ll list 5 reliable resources where you can pick and choose your favorites. Review the different sources and pay attention to the licensing of the fonts. The licenses vary depending on where you’ll be using your fonts – for personal or commercial projects.

#1. DaFont

free fonts online dafont

Don’t get thrown off by the name, the website is a goldmine for someone like yourself on the hunt for free fonts. Most of the fonts on DaFont are listed as fonts for personal use, but you can find some for commercial projects as well.

The best part about DaFont is that they have a neat way of organizing fonts. You can easily find something fancy using equally fancy words and categories, or opt for the simple categories for newbies.

#2. Font Space

free fonts online fontspace

FontSpace prides themselves in the sheer number of fonts they have (35,000). It’s another great go-to when you need to find free fonts online. There are lots of designers supplying fonts to this website which can also be great when you’re looking for a license for a commercial project.

#3. Font Squirrel

free fonts online fontsquirrel

Need fonts of the highest quality? This is the right place to turn to. The distinguishing feature of this website is that a lot of the fonts come with commercial licenses. The site makes it easy to check these details before you download. Another great feature is a Webfont Generator which allows you to create web fonts. In case you’re looking for something particular, there’s also a Font Identifier feature.

#4. Google Fonts

free fonts online google fonts

Yes, it’s like Google is set off to conquer the world. Turns out they also offer a free fonts option which you can use and even modify. The only thing that’s not so great is that the categories aren’t as specific as with the aforementioned sites which doesn’t play in your favors when you need something particular.

#5. Behance

free fonts online behance

Supposedly you’re indecisive and just want a really cool font that will go with your design. In that case, you can turn to Behance to really get inspired and find something truly original (and free of course). Designers submit unique fonts, but you have to make sure they are actually free for use. A quick search will show you free fonts, and you can be sure very few are using the same ones as you.

We’re not picking favorites right now but we’ll use the first resource for educational purposes and not hoping to persuade you that it’s the best at all.

How to download free fonts online

Step 1: Go to your chosen website

where to find free fonts online

Step 2: Select a category to filter fonts

where to find free fonts online 2

Step 3: Test your chosen font

Some website, like the one we’re using, has the option of previewing what your text looks like in different fonts. We typed in ‘Free fonts’ to see what font would look better.

where to find free fonts online 3

Step 4: Click “Download” and your download should start right away

where to find free fonts online 4

Step 5: Open the folder with the download and copy the file to a new folder where you will keep all your downloaded fonts. Keep all your files in a seperate folder to help you with the next steps of installing them.

where to find free fonts online 5

Uploading and installing fonts on Crello

Step 1: Pick a template and go to the “Uploads” menu on the left. Then click the “Fonts” tab at the top.

how to upload fonts to crello

Step 2: Select “Upload font” and select your from your folder.

how to upload fonts to crello 2

Step 3: Your fonts will appear on the left hand side under “Uploads”, “Fonts”.

how to upload fonts to crello 4

Step 4: Simply click on the font and it will appear on your artboard.

Modify the text as needed and you’re done!

how to upload fonts to crello 4

The process of finding free fonts online and uploading them to use in your designs is actually really simple. Now that you know the basics, hurry to apply your skills to new design!

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