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We Just Launched Animated Designs! Be the First to Try It!

by Sandra Iakovleva

Achieving movement in designs takes a lot of skills from professional designers. Till now, it’s been a medium we overlooked because it is such a complex effect to achieve, nevermind trying to figure out how it works on your own. Today we’re excited to introduce something that will make moving designs accessible to all – Crello’s Animated Designs!

Animated designs is a brand new feature that allows you to create designs for social media, blogs and websites that are fun and in constant motion. You can add objects, icons and customize the text to make the designs your own.

Crello currently has hundreds of new, animated templates that you can customize, download and use for free. Any animated template has the option of adding and removing text. Your final designs can be downloaded as a Universal Social Media Post and Instagram Post in an mp4 format.

There’s more! Crello also has animated backgrounds. Animated Designs and animated backgrounds are a completely new feature that you won’t find with any other online editors. Now, you can really add the fun back in design. Are you ready to try the new feature?

Create an Animated Design

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