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Tumblr Banners: Excellent Examples from Top Brands

by Sandra Iakovleva

great tumblr banners examples

For some marketers, Tumblr is an unknown territory. For one, Tumblr is hard to define and therefore to position your brand and make it stand out somehow. It’s a little bit like Pinterest with many boards, like a reblogging tool and also very visual like Instagram. Sometimes it’s also just a place where humor flourishes.

Despite how you might view Tumblr, it remains popular and some brands are simply nailing it. We put together accounts that are making a difference, and using Tumblr banners in innovative ways. If you’re new to Tumblr, these best of Tumblr examples from brands can easily inspire your next designs.

Top brands on Tumblr with excellent banners


Didn’t see that one coming, did you? MasterCard actually has a very well curated page that utilizes different formats for entertaining and inspiring posts.

mastercard tumblr account 2018


As a stand alone page, Sharpie’s Tumblr page is certainly different. Although most of the content is UGC, an occasional banner contributes to the artistic vibes.

sharpie tumblr account 2018


Lexus has a great tagline, “Make a statement without saying a word”, which beautifully describes their tumblr. It’s a sleek, visually stunning page that goes with their brand values and uses Tumblr banners in innovative ways.

lexus tumblr account 2018


Apple also has a sleek design for their Tumblr account. Their page is a great example of how to promote your products while keeping things entertaining. They too use GIFs and animated designs to embellish their page.

apple tumblr account 2018


The Vans Tumblr page is experimental, but also simple and clean. They use their account to build a sense of community, their banners often displaying their products.

vans tumblr account 2018

Penguin Random House

The Penguin Random House Tumblr account is a haven for readers and writers. Their banners are often used to include quotes or for creative collages of books. Another great way to use the space.

penguin random house tumblr account 2018

Coca Cola

Coca Cola’s account is fun, vibrant and with the brand’s color scheme that goes back to the very core of Tumblr – photography. They use GIFs in most of their banners and fun animations which we can safely say is a major Tumblr trend.

coca cola tumblr account 2018

Ben and Jerry’s

Ben and Jerry’s don’t just limit their Tumblr to images, they use many videos with their products. Video is growing in popularity so banners that encourage interaction generally perform well.

ben and jerry’s tumbr account 2018

What do these brands have in common?

If you’ve taken a closer look at these top brands on Tumblr, you will notice that many of them use animations, videos and GIFs. The format you use consistently will be associated with your brand and it’s also really important to stay on top of trendy formats. Notice that the backgrounds are never distracting (unless you’re Sharpie), and often products are showcased and play on the brand’s strengths.

Tumblr can seem overwhelming at first but as you can see, there’s so many different ways of designing and curating Tumblr banners. With the right visuals you can inspire people to share, create and interact with your brand and amongst each other.

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