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Successful Easter Marketing. Getting Inspired By 10 Awesome Big Brands Campaigns

by Eleonora Zolotarova

Crello Easter Templates

It’s Easter coming up soon. A warm family holiday is also an excellent field for marketers to get a maximum profit from the right marketing activities. To perform successfully, stop here for a while to learn from the best ones.

10 Awesome Easter Campaigns For Inspiration

Milka: All For One

Everybody knows this sweet and delightful milk chocolate. First Pan-European Easter campaign Milka launched in 2017 is of the same characteristics: sweet and delightful.

Here we see the kids struggling to win Eggs hunt. Once they spot Milka rabbit which is on the verve of falling, they unite to save it and celebrate their success together afterward, of course.

The plot is quite common, but it filmed so unbelievably good and contains so much sense. Just watch it.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam

Cadbury + Facebook: Live Easter Hunt

My personal #1 campaign is this one (but I still insist you read till the end). Last year, Australian Cadbury department collaborated with Facebook and created genius Easter campaign.

Using Facebook live, people could find easter eggs in the full HD 360° image. What’s the point? The first person to find the egg and comment this online received chocolate eggs in the real world as a present. What’s else? The more participants joined the game, the more eggs appeared.

During ONE HOUR 220.000 users joined the struggle and left 73.000 comments! 7.2 million people all over Australia were reached in total.


Agency: Ogilvy Melbourne

Nestlé: Alice

Nestlé reached out to each adult’s heart with its metaphor of a big girl who faces life difficulties. But as we see in the end, chocolate can fix everything.

And generally, whose heart doesn’t sink at the recollection of a favorite “Alice in Wonderland” book/cartoon from childhood?  So, this campaign should undoubtedly be in our ranking.

Agency: David, Sao Paulo

Reese’s: April Fools Prank

In 2018 something unexpected happened: April’s Fool and Easter appeared to be on the same day. Reese’s, the peanut butter cookies by The Hershey Company used the situation to make a marketing campaign full of fun.

The company made an agreement with one of the grocery stores and put its signature Easter eggs in ordinary egg cartons. At the same time, there were installed hidden cameras, which recorded the emotions of shoppers who discovered the trick.

Funny, confused, joyful, scared – lots of different emotions were recorded that day (although it would seem, why it got success?). As a result, according to the results of the prank was recorded a video which scattered well, becoming viral.

Sainsbury’s: #NeverGrowingUp

“Never growing up is living well” — tells us the large UK supermarkets chain Sainsbury’s. And yes, at this moment lightness, confidence, and carefree joy awaken in long-adult us.

Just look and get inspired.

Agency: Gravity Road, London

Marmite: Easter Egg

So it’s clear that companies producing chocolates have thousands of ways of how to advertise on Easter. What about the products of less involved products? Let’s see and start with Marmite.

Marmite is a famous very salty brown-color paste with a bright taste and smell. Their whole product is associated with the theme of love and hate as it is so specific that will not leave anyone indifferent.

So, they caught the hype wave by creating a special easter egg: “Yeast extract. Full on flavour. The one and only yeastier egg. 100% vegetarian. Love it or hate it! You just have to try it!”

marmite flavour chocolate egg

ASDA groceries put the product among chocolate for the test period. What happened next? Total success: Asda’s sales rose 0.1% in the 12 weeks taking its market share in Britain to 15.4%, said the research company Kantar.

Cologne Zoo: Happy Easter

Easter egg is a symbol of life and rebirth. A campaign Kolner Zoo ran for the Easter displayed it well. There were created various posters depicting little animals poking from their eggs and congratulating people on Easter. This is a great way to use the elements of Easter in advertising to show what animals you can find in the zoo of Cologne.

happy easter 1happy easter 2happy easter 3

Agency: Preuss und Preuss, Berlin, Germany

Hovis: Bread Bunny

Simple and fabulous: an Easter campaign which was held by Hovis in 2013 included very minimalistic yet very clear holiday referring. Hovis is a famous British company that produces flour and bread. Two Hovis Wholemeal Farmers rolls represented as the bunny’s ears and that’s all, but so joyful.

hovis bunny

Agency: GWT, London

Carlsberg: If Carlsberg Did Chocolate

Beer company making Easter advertising activities? Easy when it comes to Carlsberg. In 2016 they launched the brilliant campaign by building a real bar made of the whole chocolate.

Five meters wide, three meters high and two meters deep, the bar consisted of bar stools and a fake TV featuring English World Cup highlights, all built from a half ton of chocolate. Visitors were able to drink beer from chocolate cups and eat the cups after. Great native advertising!

Agency: Fold7, London

Durex: Easter X

Durex should be the most unexpected guest in this list and it’s excellent in communication. It’s clear how for Durex to get involved on Birthday, 8th of March, etc. but what to do on Easter?  The company found the way by making a huge chocolate egg including adult toys inside.

Happy Easter guys!

Agency: Contagion, Auckland

Don’t have the possibility to hire Ogilvy or GWT? Start small

Easter is one of the most important holidays, wildly celebrating all over the world. No matter if you’re Catholic or Christian, I’m quite sure you celebrate Easter anyway, don’t you?

We made a quick poll asking our Facebook page subscribers if they held any Easter marketing activities last year and almost twice more people answered ‘no.’

crello facebook poll

Well, that’s a mistake. Easter is a wonderful reason and a tool itself to skyrocket your business. Sales, events, contests, any funny activities are what people are happily getting involved in Easter time.

No matter what you will decide to do, dare to take some time to prepare a bright presentation of it. Don’t have a full-time designer? Us in Crello prepared the variety of 150+ free and premium, static and animated, plain-designed and awesomely-romantic templates. I collected some of them which I personally consider being the coolest. But check by yourself here to find the ones which suit you best of all.

5 Crello Free Easter Templates

Crello Easter Templates

Use this template

Crello Easter Templates

Use this template

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Use this template

Untitled design (9)

Use this template

Crello Easter Templates

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5 Crello Premium Easter Templates

Crello Easter Templates

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Use this template

Crello Easter Template

Use this template

Crello Easter Template

Use this template

Crello Easter Template

Use this template

Want to get the picture we used for this cover? Here it is:

Crello Easter Template

Use this template

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