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Pride Month: Marketing Ideas + Crello Templates to Join the Celebrations!

by Lorna Mann
Photo by: Toni Reed

Around the world, this June, people are coming together to celebrate Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Pride Month. Recognized since 1970, the month is not only a chance to celebrate but also an opportunity to raise awareness of the ongoing issues faced by the LGBTQ community.

Pride Parades In 2019

This year, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in the US and to mark the occasion, the largest international LGBTQ pride will be taking place in New York throughout the month. With 50+ events taking place throughout the 30 days of June, from cultural events to street festivals, over 3M+ people are expected to attend the celebrations, topped off by the closing ceremony on the 30th June and the NYC Pride March

Other major Pride events taking place around the world this June include the Gay Pride Parades in Sao Paulo, Toronto, Madrid, Paris and Tel Aviv. It is also well worth mentioning that there are plenty of other pride parades that take place in capital cities throughout the year, including plenty this summer in Berlin, Stockholm, Amsterdam and London

Get Involved In Pride Month 

If your business is hoping to join in the celebration this pride month, what better way than to follow in the footsteps of some big brands when it comes to marketing campaigns that make an impact.

In 2015 Uber launched their LGBTQIA-friendly ad campaign Whatever Your Road, Ride with Pride. The video features family and friends joining together to march in pride parades, getting there in rainbow-coloured Ubers.

Another well-known brand that made a big impact is Skittles. Rewind to 2017 when the famous rainbow coloured sweets lost their colour in support of the LGBTQ community, with the message: “During Pride, only one rainbow matters. So, we’ve given up ours to show our support”.

Image source: PRETTY52

As part of pride month, the team at Crello have been hard at work compiling a whole host of colourful designs for use as part of your online marketing and if your business is hoping to get involved this June and show your support for the LGBTQ community, below are 10 ways to do just that.

10 Pride Month Marketing Ideas

1.Host a pride event

One of the best ways for your business to join in the celebrating this pride month is by hosting your very own pride event this June. Why not host a movie night, invite everyone to a summer BBQ, or get dressed up for a colourful pride dance-off?

Organizing an event for your business is a great way to not only get your customers involved in pride month but also your team and suppliers too!  Promote your event across all your media platforms using a wide range of pride-themed templates at Crello and use the opportunity to get your guests engaging with your business. Achieve this by handing out giveaways to promote your business or offer guests a limited time discount that could see your sales figures spike.

2.Run a promotional campaign 

You have the entire month of June to celebrate pride month and if you plan to break out the rainbows at your business, what better way to do this than by running your own month-long pride promotion.

A great example of a promotion that is unmistakably celebrating pride are the rainbow pancakes that were served up during 2018’s pride weekend at the New York restaurant Dos Caminos

Image source: Dos Caminos

By running your own promotion to celebrate pride this June, you are creating a topical buzz with the potential to generate some great media coverage for your brand. You are also making your business a destination for all those in the area looking to celebrate pride and with a unique promotion like this, your business can look forward to a busy June! 

3. Create a social media campaign

One of the quickest and easiest ways for your business to show their support for pride month is via your social media platforms. A successful social media campaign has the power to boost engagement, attract new followers and if your campaign goes viral, a significant increase in sales.

Over the years we have seen some great LGBTQ social media campaigns that celebrate pride and support inclusivity. Lush Cosmetics are the perfect success story for this, who feature tons of beautiful imagery of their rainbow-coloured product range, incorporating relevant hashtags, including #gayisok and encouraging their followers to interact with their posts across their channels.

To generate a successful social media campaign this pride month:

  • Write meaningful content that resonates with the LGBTQ community 
  • Invite your followers to engage with your brand through the use of questions and encouraging them to comment
  • Make the most of key hashtags such as #pridemonth #pridemonth2019 #nycpride
  • Create eye-catching images for your social media channels using the range of pride-themed templates at Crello 

4. Blog about pride month

As we all know, content is king and if you are looking for a medium to talk about pride month and how your business is celebrating, a blog post could be ideal for you. Some of the many benefits of blogging for your business include: connecting with your target market, providing added value for your customers and starting conversations with your audience. It is also a great way to drive sales by increasing the amount of organic traffic to your website through the use of SEO strategies. 

When deciding on the perfect subject for your blog post, consider using it as a platform to promote a pride event or promotion you are running. In addition, you could use it as an opportunity to tell your businesses own personal story as to why pride is so important to you, making it a great way to engage with the LGBTQ community. Crello has created a selection of pride-themed blog graphics for you to incorporate alongside your content too.  

5.Shout about pride in an email campaign

If you are a business that is already benefiting from the power of email marketing, why not consider running an extra special campaign this pride month. In just a few simple steps you could be on the way to seeing an increase in sales throughout June all thanks to your engaging pride campaign. 

First, you will need to plan out your campaign, what message of support for the LGBTQ community are you wanting to convey? Are you planning to promote a special offer alongside your campaign or send your subscribes straight to your online store? 

Then you can get creating your campaign. Spend some time writing meaningful content to work alongside an eye-catching design. 

Finally, set up your campaign on your email marketing platform and press the send button. To take the hassle out of managing your campaign, why not simplify things by setting up an automated campaign, leaving you to sit back and watch your open & click rates soar. 

Boost your sales through your pride campaign by including an engaging subject line that makes your subscribers want to open your email, create a clear CTA, whether that’s sharing your campaign or clicking through to your site. Most importantly, over 50% of emails are opened on mobile devices, so make sure your campaign is mobile responsive.   

6.Support pride via a charitable organization

Supporting both local and relevant charitable groups that campaign for the LGBTQ community, such as the Equality Federation is a wonderful way to show your support during pride month. You could do this in the form of a charitable donation, based on a percentage of your sales, or by sponsoring a pride event. 

This year H&M are doing just this with the launch of a special collection that supports the LGBTQI+ community. 10% of each sale will be donated to the United Nations Free & Equal Campaign.

By collaborating with such organizations, you are giving your business the opportunity to publicize your support either on your website, social media platforms and you may even generate some publicity in the process too. 

7.Hold a competition

Everyone loves a competition and pride month is a great opportunity to run your very own competition to celebrate inclusivity by getting your audience involved. A competition run specifically on your social media, via an email campaign or even instore is your chance to raise awareness for the LGBTQ community and get your customers talking too. 

When it comes to choosing your prize, if you want maximum engagement, it’s best to go big and be sure to put together a set of T&C’s to make your entry rules crystal clear. 

8.Feature the pride rainbow flag in your media

During pride month it’s all about the symbolic rainbow flag, originally designed by artist, Gilbert Baker. Whatever your media campaign, you can show your support in a simple and creative way by incorporating this colourful flag into your media. 

Whether you want your website to burst with colour during June or remind your social media followers that you are supporting pride month, Crello offers a wide range of pride-themed templates to use for all your online media.

9.Create promotional giveaways to show support for pride

A promotional giveaway is a great way to make sure your customers never forget your business, which is something that you can tie in with your support for pride month by creating a colourful giveaway they will want to hang on to forever. 

Need some inspiration? Check out some of these rainbow coloured products to help your business get ready for pride.

10. Create a video to celebrate pride month

Did you know that by adding video to your marketing strategy can boost your sites click-through rates by up to 300%!? If you are a creative business and love to produce videos, pride month is the ideal time to share with your customers how you are supporting the LGBTQ community.

Android did just this back in 2015 with their colourful animated video that celebrates famous LGBTQ people and their allies. 

One of the best things about producing a video as part of your marketing is that your business can utilize it across all of your platforms, including your website, social media, online advertising and email marketing. It’s also a simple way to encourage your audience to share your content whilst supporting pride month at the same time. 

Crello Pride Month Templates

Crello is the simple solution to your creative projects and the team has created a fabulous collection of marketing templates for use online so that you can show your support for the LGBTQ community, encourage inclusiveness and market your own pride events and promotions this June. #Pride2019

So, here we go: the brightest templates for Pride Month 2019. Click it to start editing immediately!

Show your support this pride month 

However you and your business plan to celebrate pride month this June, it’s important to remember the true meaning behind the campaign and how important it is that we continue to raise awareness and show our support for the LGBTQ community. 

With Crello you will discover the joys of designing amazing graphics with their wide range of templates to support your pride marketing activities. Not tried their user-friendly editor yet? Signup to Crello here

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