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Frames by Crello: New feature to create professional-looking designs

by Eugine Dychko

frames design free template


We are thrilled to announce a new feature called Frames! It allows you to turn any photo into a cut-out frame and create an impressive design in a few clicks. All of the frames are free to use!

Frames give you even more design options introduce exciting creative opportunities:


  1. Make an accent on one design element and build a whole composition around it

free template frame


2. Design a professional-looking picture using frames and simple forms

design frame social media


3. Combine several photos in a seamless way

photo design frames template


4. Transform your photo into any form you want

poster template free


5. Create eye-catching posts, banners and emails

fb post teplate design


In order to create your own Frame design, go to “Objects” menu and click the “Frames” option. Choose a frame you like such as abstract, geometrical, floral, animalistic, etc. Then choose a photo you want to add to fill the frame. You can either upload your own file or choose something from the paid and free Crello photo collections. Drag-and-drop the photo into the frame, adjust it and that’s it!

Make the most of this holiday season with impressive Frames designs. Share your works in comments or tag us @crelloapp on social media!

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