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Creative Ideas, Tips and Templates for Back to School Campaigns

by Sandra Iakovleva

The Back to School (BTS) shopping season is actually the second largest after the holiday season for retailers. Most of the spendings occur in late July all the way to mid August which means it’s time you get started on your BTS campaigns! Don’t miss this window of opportunity, and get a head start with tips and design solutions.

Discounts, sales, special offers and other marketing materials can actually greatly benefit from better visuals. As you launch your campaigns, so do hundreds of other companies and brands.

To focus on standing out, finding the right tools can be pivotal to your success. Crello can help you create your own visual materials for BTS campaigns and do so at a fraction of the time. We’ll be looking at some tips, ideas and templates that you can use today to start creating your visuals.

5 Creative Tips for BTS Campaigns

BTS marketing has evolved throughout the years. Consumers are spending much more time in the research phase and most of it happens online. The target audience has stretched well beyond students with buying power. You now have to consider teachers, parents, young adults and even college students.

We’ll look at some basic tips to make sure you’re keeping on track before we look at solutions for your visual elements.

1. Do your research, plan ahead

Majority of campaigns go live in July and August. This means you need to plan ahead of time, especially if it’s a large campaign. If you’re short on time, keep reading to find how you can put together visuals in a fraction of the time.

According to Millennial Media, the engagement rate for campaigns is doubled in July, tripled in August, and reaches a 6x larger engagement rate by the peak timing in September. If you start soon, you can still pick up on the waves of demand of BTS deals.

This data shows that every campaign has to consider this time frame. Plan your campaigns and their segments according to these findings to increase your reach.

2. Identify audience, tailor strategy to your business

Successful BTS campaigns have a clear goal. The decisions you make in the organizational process affect the purchasing decisions of your audience. Hence, all the tips in this article must be considered for a well structured plan that considers all aspects of your campaign.

Analyse your target audience. Is it parents you’d like to target or young adults that can make their own purchasing decisions? These are the two main audiences – kids and adults – and your strategy is built based on the needs of either group. You need to consider how diverse the contemporary audience is. Once you have a good understanding of your target audience, you can build a sustainable plan.

You have to look at your business as a whole and decide what you can offer to your chosen target audience. Even if you’re not in the school supplies business, chances are, you have something special to offer in light of the event.

Millennial Media did further research and found that 64% of BTS campaigns aim to increase foot traffic, 19% aspire for more brand awareness and only 17% focus on more site and mobile traffic. Which end of the spectrum do you stand?

3. Use new and creative tools

You know it and we know it, BTS campaigns can be so predictable. This element of predictability often turns customers away. You have to find new means and tools to engage your audience.

You’re reading this, which means you’ve already found the tool that’s going to set you apart from others. Later we’ll look at how Crello can help you illustrate something new and different.

Your campaigns have to be appealing to both parents and children. Finding the golden middle between the aesthetics is a little tricky, but not impossible.

4. Try new platforms, reach more consumers

There isn’t a single platform that you should ignore for BTS campaigns. Facebook is the first obvious one where you can pay for a wider reach. Instagram requires for more of a visual strategy, which is where ready-made templates will be most useful.

If you choose to focus on your visuals, you open doors to more opportunities and will more likely be able to captivate your audience with something relevant and interesting.

5. Create content that can’t be ignored

Your most powerful weapon is going to be your visual content. What you say and offer is important, but nothing beats well made visuals. If you can create something that will grab attention at first glance, your chances of acquiring customers is much higher.

Now that we’re on the topic of visuals, here are some Crello templates that you can choose today and customize for your BTS campaigns:

15 Fun Templates for Back to School Campaigns

Scroll through our collection of relevant templates for BTS marketing. Remember, all the templates are customizable. Simply choose your preferred style, click ‘Edit template’ and start customizing for your projects.

Facebook ads

Edit template

Instagram ads

Edit template

Edit template

Edit template

Email headers

Edit template

Edit template

Edit template


Edit template

Edit template

Edit template


Edit template

Edit template

Edit template

To help you with your campaigns, check out Depositphotos’ Back to School collection to add finishing touches to your templates.

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