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Crafting a Call to Action That Converts: Tips and Examples

by Sandra Iakovleva

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You visit a website, your glance falls on the attractive CTA and you hover over the button to click on the bait. This of course, is a hypothetical situation that never happens. Marketers know a little too well that there are other factors involved, but a creative approach and a clever CTA does in fact increase conversions.

In 2018, it’s not enough to say ‘Sign up’ on a button and sit back to watch the numbers rise. Sometimes this simple approach does work, given that the rest of the content on your website gives context and makes people curious about your services or products.

The question remains, how do we inspire people to take action with a single button? The secret is in the copy but there are other important factors. People take the action based on a million other things. If you’ve managed to hook your audience, you can play some tricks with a clever and simple CTA. In this guide, we’ll break down exactly how you might be able to achieve that.

Excellent examples of effective CTAs

1. Netflix

example of a good CTA from netflix

Netflix took the opportunity to pack their button with words that tell you everything you need to know. A simple “Join free for a month” lets users know exactly what they’re signing up for. A luring “See what’s next” statement evokes curiosity and the second line gives you blunt facts that make it easier to make a quick decision to sign up.

2. Evernote

example of a good CTA from evernote

Evernote switched from the standard button that said “Sign up” to “Sign up for free”. As you’ve guessed, the later is more appealing to majority. Note how their main tagline compliments the sign up button. You will notice that the hierarchy of your message is important, it’s not just the CTA itself that results in more conversions.

3. Hotjar

examples of good CTAs 5

Here’s another variation of a CTA all in caps. What this achieves is a sense or urgency. Note how differently we interpret an all caps message. The red button is in high contrast with the rest of the website, and they’ve placed 2 on the homepage which lead to the same place. No one can miss it.

4. Quick Sprout

examples of good CTAs 1

This CTA works because it includes an actionable verb. You can also agree that visitors will jump at the opportunity to use a new tool to grow their trafic. Show your visitors what benefits you can offer and highlight that in your breezy CTA.

5. Dollar Shave Club

example of a good CTA from dollar shave club

Here’s a slightly different approach where the copy above the CTA inevitably becomes the CTA itself. The actual writing on the button is so simple, but once your eye falls on it, you can’t help but pay attention to what you’re about to do as implied by the CTA.

6. Huemor

examples of good CTAs 6

Just when you thought  you couldn’t get that creative with CTAs, you spot something like this. Huemor use of reverse psychology wouldn’t leave anyone indifferent. Even someone not interested in the services will click on the fun button simply because we can appreciate the humor  (from huemor). Who is to say the user won’t think again about trying the services once he or she clicks on the CTA?

Words that are more likely to convert

Now as for the copy of the CTA, the same rules apply as with with effective copywriting. There are some words that are likely to inspire an action. The most common examples are words like “You” and “Free”.

If you are promoting a discount, use % and $ to draw people in. You can say “Shop now” but it would be much more effective to say “Shop with a 10% discount”. You are compromising in brevity, but also appealing to more clients that are on the lookout for discounts.

Using the word “Try” should follow with “for free” unless you charge for trials. It’s a great way to get people in the door if they’re unsure about your product or services. Remember that “Free” is one of the most persuasive words.

You can also use the word “Now” to create a sense of urgency. This psychologically pushes users away from being indifferent to your CTA. For example, “Get your free trial now” hits all the marks as an effective CTA. Don’t focus on packing too many of these words together.


Remember, your visitors are humans just like you. Don’t apply clickbait tricks and really focus on highlighting the benefit of them taking an action. Sell the benefit, pair it with other excellent and convincing copy and make sure your button really stands out in color from the rest of your site.

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