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Children’s Day Pack: Templates, Marketing Ideas, and More

by Mary Ivanova

The blog post lists all the marketing activities that will help you engage both children and their parents on the International Children’s Day, as well as a collection of themed Crello templates that will help you create marketing content for the day in minutes.

Children are one of the most vulnerable groups of population – as they develop and socialize, they require resources, caregivers’ attention, affection, and protection in order to successfully become functioning members of society.

Children’s Day celebrates happy and safe childhood and is aimed at spreading awareness of the needs of the children and the variety of issues they face.

Almost 50 countries globally celebrate Children’s Day on June 1. Universal Children’s Day, established by the UN, is observed on November 20. Although there’s no National Children’s Day in the US, Illinois and several cities celebrate Children’s Day on the second Sunday in June. This year it’s June 9, 2019.

There are several ways you can incorporate the day in your marketing.

1. Hold a themed event.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a seminar or a sale, a themed event is something to acknowledge the holiday and help your customers celebrate.

Some of the ideas for a themed Children’s Day event are:

Here, you can go in two directions – an event to entertain and/or educate children or something for the parents, to help them address the child-rearing challenges.

Ideas of events for kids

  • cooking class
  • balloon party
  • pool day
  • finding your way out of the woods training
  • sex ed, but fun and not awkward
  • time management class for high school students
  • choosing a profession event with invited professionals from several paths of life
  • slime-making class
  • baking or science competition
  • art class
  • obstacle course race
  • hiking trip
  • local sightseeing tour

Events for parents

  • sales and discount offers on goods for children
  • themed limited line release
  • awareness seminars on preventing child abuse, exploitation, accidents
  • educational events on effective parenting techniques
  • time-management lectures
  • tea party for busy parents
  • group support events

2. Create something tangible.

Another great way to celebrate the day is developing a product, tool or piece of content that can be used by your target audience or their kids.

Here are a few examples

  • print or digital calendar/notebook designed for parents
  • cool free children’s book
  • educational or entertaining cartoon for your audience’s children
  • limited kid version of your product
  • brand t-shirts in children’s sizes
  • awareness brochures
  • mugs, toys, lunchboxes, coloring kits, key chains, water bottles

3. Get involved with charity activities.

Even if you can’t quite afford to host a high-profile fundraising event for charity, your business can always join the charity initiatives in your area, donate or otherwise support the protection of children.


Didn’t have the time to plan out your Children’s Day marketing? Jump right into it with our themed templates!

It will only take you a moment to customize your visual, add text and adjust design elements, download the design or share it directly on social media, or even upload to your Facebook Ads Manager for easy ad posting.

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