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Case Study: 15% Reach for Crello Templates on Travel Agency Page

by Mary Ivanova

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Wondering how exactly to use Crello animated templates for advertising and marketing? Travel agency MerKaBa shares their campaign and its results to help you develop your collateral and project campaign numbers!

About the client

Travel agency MerKaBa is an online vacation and travel store. Besides offering a selection of  package tours, the agency helps customers book flights and select insurance. The company has been on the market for 9 years, with their representatives having personally travelled to 65 tour destinations.

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Image courtesy official MerKaBa website

As the agency relies heavily on discount offers and last minute deals, it’s important for them to have reach on social media when announcing an offer. Being a small agency, they are less interested in brand awareness.

MerKaBa marketing director Dmytro Vynohradov personally oversees all the marketing campaigns for the agency. He considers engagement and response rates to be key marketing campaign success criteria for his business. That said, for MerKaBa direct user response – phone calls and DMs – is what most of their marketing is aiming at at the end of the day. That’s how they sell tours and attract clients.

How Crello helped

When the company started using Crello animated templates to make posts for Facebook, a trend emerged – posts about deals with contact information included in them showed notable conversion rates:

“We’ve noticed posts made with Crello templates that featured deal offers drew noticeably higher direct engagement and converted well. In response to specific deals enhanced by templates, clients were calling us to inquire about, say, tickets to NY,” explains Vynohradov. “Our general conclusion was this – a good deal + a Crello template = conversion,” he adds.

Posts made with Crello templates drew in an average of up to 15% reach and 5.76% click-through rate.

Campaign examples

Let’s get into the specifics. Here’s an example of such specific offer – the post advertises a tour to Montenegro at €149 and prompts users to call and book the trip that starts on a specific date (July 19):

beach animation

The post’s reach was slightly over 15% – as calculated for 1,129 post reach against the total page follower number of 7,500 users.

Let’s look at another example of MerKaBa post created using a Crello template. Here’s one of the better performing posts by the MerKaBa page:

blue animated octopus

The post’s reach is almost 18% (1,347 users).

Total results

On average, posts featuring images created using Crello templates had 13-15% reach and almost 5.76% CTR.

“Our page for MerKaBa has 7,500 subscribers, and we’ve been experiencing average reach for posts created with Crello templates upwards of 10%. Approximately 13-15% on average,” shares Dmytro Vynohradov. “The only format that worked better than Crello templates were funny/viral videos. Their reach was 20-25%+,” he adds.

video template woman celebrating smiling joy

Final thoughts

Calculating your marketing campaign results and cost-efficiency is one of the most important steps to more effective advertising in the long run. Keeping in mind your end goal (e.g. total sales you get out of a post or an ad as opposed to reach or brand awareness) will help customize templates accordingly and get the best results.

Creating illustrations that will enhance your message and draw users attention enough to prompt them to actually read the details of your offer and considering following your CTA – be it a phone call, an online registration or purchase – is essential for your campaign success.

Feel like crunching some more numbers? Check our out recent case study that compared static and animated ad effectiveness.

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