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15 Chill Facebook Cover Templates for Winter

by Mary Ivanova

15 Chill Facebook Cover Templates for Winter

Bring winter wonderland vibe to your Facebook cover with our selection of themed templates. We’ve got skiing templates, snowing templates, sleighing templates, classic designs with fur tree branches and snow-covered mountain tops, and, of course, the star of the season – Christmas templates! Customize the designs with own text, winter photos or videos, save and download your design.

Add a little winter to your page with themed animated or static designs. The first seven designs are animated, so if you want to use static templates, scroll down to the second part of this post.

Let’s start our overview with this simple image of a boy sledding down a snow-covered hill:

boy sledding down a hill winter animation

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Type in your text, add or remove text boxes and change fonts to fit your page! By the way, if you are creating a cover for a brand page, you might want to upload your logo and include it in your design.

Next, this totally relatable image of a girl shivering in the snowstorm:

girl shivering in the snow winter animation

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But if you want to opt for a different character for your cover, you switch out the featured animation for any of the animated objects in Crello library. You can also replace the background in the template, if necessary.

Even if you aren’t running an ice rink, your business might still want to feature this cheerful skater braving the snow:

ice rink animation

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Fun fact – each individual snowflake in the above design can be moved individually, so you can create a completely new pattern and even change the color of the items (I’d try adding a tint of blue). Pro tip: select an item and click the duplicate button to create copies in case you need a bit more snowflakes for your new pattern!

Use this cute template for winter Facebook covers of kid-themed pages or remove the polar bear and use the snowy background for any winter-themed design. Remember to delete the bear shade underneath and shift the snowy bottom part of the template a little lower to avoid the feeling of an empty space. Removing the bottom part altogether will work perfectly as well.

polar bear animation winter

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If you think your followers are waiting for Christmas as much as you are – bring the holiday spirit to your page with this festive design. Add your text, save the design and download. Your followers will only have two questions – what presents are in that heavy Santa bag and which one’s Rudolf?;)

santa animation winter deer rudolf

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If you tried browsing our animated templates looking for winter designs before, you might have noticed an abundance of skiing designs. Whether you are a winter resort, are having an event in the area or just believe tis the season to gear up and shred, try customizing a themed template to feature as your page cover:

skiing fur trees resort winter animation

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We are finishing up our animated lineup with this fantasy design for those of you who want to sprinkle a little winter fairytale magic across their social media presence this holiday season:

fantasy winter design fairy magic animation

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Not a fan of motion? Not a problem! Here are eight hand-picked winter designs for a facebook cover that will bring all the winter magic without much fuss. More good news? Just like all our static templates, these designs are free to use!

First day of winter might be just days before Christmas – December 22nd, but that shouldn’t stop you from using this uber cool (of should we say – chill?) template. Small details like the falling star and deer decorations make it even more wintery and holiday season-ready. If you are lucky enough to live in areas with picturesque snowfalls, snap a magical pic and use it as a background:

fur tree branches winter

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Not a fan of hanging outdoors when temperatures drop below freezing? Use this pretty design to celebrate the season:

christmas template gifts holidays

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You can move around all the design elements within the template, change item colors, fonts and orientation, and instantly resize the image to create duplicates in other formats – to save you time and effort if you want to use one design for all your social media covers, headers, and even make a post!

Christmas is the time for a colorful spectacle of clashing hues, shapes and ideas, so if your page has a more playful vibe, go for this cheery design with all the holiday designs one can desire:

santa holidays christmas template facebook cover

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This next design will be perfect for travel agencies, ski resorts, parks with popular hiking routes, environmental organizations, and any businesses located in mountain areas:

snow mountains winter

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Alternatively, use the design to decorate your ice-cream business page because that crisp white snow looks good enough to eat!

If you are living in a community that celebrates Orthodox Christmas, here are two traditional Eastern European holiday designs to use for your covers. The eight-pointed star with ribbons is a traditional prop for Orthodox caroling routine where a group of young men and women dressed in colorful ethnic clothing and sometimes even costumes (usually animals, like a goat or a wolf) travel from house to house in the rural neighborhood to sing festive songs, congratulate hosts on the new year and the birth of Christ and collect gifts:

orthodox christmas winter template facebook cover

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Here’s another themed classic featuring a snowed in rural settling:

rural winter

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You can practically smell the chilly fresh air and feel the blinding blaze of the sun that’s sure to greet any visit of these pretty mountain tops. Use the design as is or customize fonts, colors and background as necessary to create an attractive wintery cover for your Facebook page. Save and download as usual.

mountains snow blue

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Our final template in this selection is this geometric design with transparent motifs reminiscent of the icy symmetry of all the pretty snowflakes:

winter chill template facebook cover

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More themed designs & tips

Here are all the themed articles you may need when preparing for your holiday campaign:


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