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10 Visual Trends for 2018

by Sandra Iakovleva

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Crello is s simple tool is changing the way we think about design, the creative process and how we look for ideas. Guess what? It also happens to be right on trend. Animated designs are becoming a very engaging, fun way to illustrate concepts and is #6 in Depositphotos’ list of visual trends for 2018.

With a library of over 70 million files, Depositphotos looked at data from its search algorithms and collaborated with their top contributors to round up the visual trends that are going to dominate in the coming year.

These trends can serve as inspiration, a little nudge in the right direction. Mobile photography is paving the road to a new aesthetic, the emergence of new formats and tools of communication are all working together towards more open, honest and relatable content. Learn more about what you need to pay attention to, the formats and visuals that are trendy right now:

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