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10 Crucial Social Media Outtakes From Digital in 2017 Global Overview

by Eugine Dychko

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Have you already seen the “Digital in 2017: Global Overview” report from We Are Social and Hootsuite? If not, we strongly recommend you do – it provides a comprehensive overview of current digital trends for everyone working with social media.


Here are 10 outtakes from the report that we think are the most crucial and useful:

  1. Global mobile social media users grew by 30%, up an impressive 581 million in 2016. Over a third of the world’s population now has access to social media from mobile devices.
  2. More than 91% of social media users use smartphones to check on social accounts.
  3. Social media use increased by 20% last year. Almost 2.8 billion people use social media at least once a month globally.
  4. Facebook is the top social media network – no surprise here – that has 1.871 million active users. Second is Youtube with 1 billion users, and Qzone, a Chinese social platform is third, with 632 million users.
  5. More than billion people use Facebook every day.
  6. Countries with the largest number of Facebook users are USA (11%), India (10%) and Brazil (7%).
  7. Almost 5 billion people use mobile phones.
  8. On average, a e-commerce shopper spent $1189 in 2016.
  9. 22% of all global population make online purchases.
  10. 71.6 % of mobile users worldwide use Android devices and only 19.6% – iOS devices.


What can we say?

Since half of the world is online and social media growth is quite rapid, brands should put in more effort for their digital and social media presence. Marketers should think of ways to provide a personalized approach for each user and engage audience through education and entertainment.

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